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The Purple Martin Press, LLC was founded by Peter Kayafas in 2007 to publish photography books.

People in New York Photographs by
Peter Kayafas
(Exhibition Catalogue)
Sasha Wolf Gallery and
Purple Martin Press, 2004
New York
9 x 8 inches, paper
16 pages, 13 duotones
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Published in coordination with the Sasha Wolf Gallery, this selection of 13 photographs of people on the streets and in the parks of New York City, is a handsome, beautifully printed short essay on that common occurrence in the city: the familiar glance from a stranger. From his essay for the book, Kayafas writes: “Each of these photographs celebrates the monumentality of an instant during which a chance encounter was reacted to instinctively and without conscious pretense. As a group they explore the psychological phenomenon of social proximity in New York City. People we do not know make up the majority of our day to day encounters — wordless encounters repeated wordlessly time and again on the streets of this crowded city. These photographs record the familiar glance from the familiar stranger and attempt to provide extended study of the physiognomy of a moment gone, in which perhaps only for a 500th of a second I related to or was fascinated by a person I know only with my eyes.”

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